Control Panel Services

Facilities Heating Maintenance will design, install and provide maintenance of HVAC control systems which enable you to automatically control building services and energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and maintain efficient environmental conditions in any environment.

Building Energy Management Services

Facilities Heating Maintenance will provide you with a complete Building Energy Management system to help you manage your building's environment in the most cost effective and energy efficient way possible.

Monitoring and Targeting

We can provide a facility for you to monitor and report on your building's use of resources including gas, electricity and water to help simplify and aid energy regulatory compliance.

Control Panel Manufacture

We design and manufacture Control Panels and provide electrical control systems for a host of uses including HVAC Heating, AHU systems,Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

On Site Installation and Commissioning

We will attend site to remove the old control panels and install the new control panels and then commission the complete system if required to do so.