Gas and Water Leak Detection

Where Gas or Water mains show evidence of deterioration or where potential problems can only be determined by a internal physical inspection, we use a number of techniques to locate and identify faults.

Unfortunately, these problems can have an impact on any commercial business but if the problem is identified and preventative maintenance carried out before a problem occurs expensive downtime can be avoided. Our Gas and water leak detection procedure is efficient and precise, ensuring that your business is not interrupted unnecessarily.

We track down water engineering faults in both commercial and domestic water systems using the least disruptive methods possible

We have listed below some of the main objectives that we have while completing the detection process:

  • To minimise disturbance to surfaces.
  • To trace most faults and problems.
  • To provide a clear concise report on the condition of the pipe work on first inspection.
  • To provide a safe working environment during repair and to provide a detailed report upon completion.

Regardless of the size of a leak, all leaks have the potential to cause operational intrusion, and harm to the immediate environment, cause financial losses and can be the cause of various health hazards. To prevent such consequences, it is crucial that leaks are detected and dealt with as quickly as possible.

The specialist equipment we use for Gas and water leak detection is suitable for purpose and adaptable for use in any environment.