Pump Repair Services

Facilities Heating Maintenance will conduct thorough inspections if you expect pump failure to determine the reason for any problem you may have. Our engineers have years of experience that can offer our pump repair services.

Typical checks that we complete when attending site are:

Leaking seals and dirty pump systems: Weep holes in your large pump system can reveal leaks in the sealing or you might even see calcium deposits and rust on the weep hole itself. You may also find rust and calcium building up inside the pump. These problems are caused by a contaminated cooling system and affect pumps that have not been properly maintained. To solve the problem, our engineer may suggest that we flush the contaminated system before replacing the pump. We will also check the system pressure and make sure the right coolant mixture is being utilized if required.

Broken castings: Castings around the bearing support of large pumps can break. This usually happens with excessive vibration or imbalance; an imbalance may result from a worn clutch or a bent impellor. Our engineer will identify the parts that need to be replaced and make sure all new parts are properly aligned.

Shaft breakage: A break usually occurs on the front bearing of the shaft due to overload. The overload results from an imbalance or vibration. Our service contracts include making sure that all pulleys are properly aligned. We will also determine if any parts need to be replaced.

It is important to have your system inspected twice each year to help you repair and maintain your pumps and associated controls to prevent further problems with more expensive equipment in the system.